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Mushroom and Venison Pasta


2                      Venison steaks, 4-6 ounces ea

1 ea                  Yellow onion, julienned

3 strips Bacon, diced

1 cup               Mushrooms, sliced

1 Tbsp             Garlic, fresh minced

1/4 cup Sherry cooking wine

1 cup               Heavy cream

12 ounces        Penne pasta cooked

2 tsp                 Salt and pepper



Grill venison steaks on 450 grill for 2-3 minutes per side just until rare temp is achieved. Set aside to rest a few minutes then dice into cubes and set aside.  Sauté onions and bacon together until onions are translucent and bacon has started to crisp. Add mushrooms and continue cooking for a few minutes until mushrooms soften them add garlic. Hit it with sherry wine and reduce by half, add heavy cream and bring to boil then reduce to simmer and reduce cream by half. Add cooked pasta and toss together.

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